The objective of this project is test in 3-to-5 countries what could later on be launched in a large-scale scope (eventually, all ECPSA members’ countries). The substantive aim is to analyse the initial steps of the professional careers of political science graduates.

More specifically, the aim of this small size project is to produce and analyse up-to-date data on the matching between political science graduate programs and labour market demands for those graduated, in order to have the relevant information to answer the following questions: What are the typical political science graduates professional profiles? How well prepared are political science graduates to fulfil those demands? What knowledge, competences, and skills do their potential employers demand? Do graduates match those expectations? What should be improved in this regard? What should be included in political science graduate programs in order to enhance students’ future employability? How is the process of job search for those graduates? This project will be conducted under a comparative point of view when identifying and assessing the advantages of political science graduates in each country, and –if possible- when compared to other disciplines graduates.


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January 12th and 13th, 2017