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Mission Statement

ECPSA - Mission Statement
The European Confederation of Political Science Associations (ECPSA) promotes the discipline of political science throughout Europe. As the European higher education landscape is increasingly harmonised, there is need for an organisation to promote the discipline’s interests and pursue its professional goals. We who study and analyse politics seek through the Confederation to make political science more meaningful in public debate and policy-making. ECPSA facilitates collaboration between political science associations with the aim of improving services and benefits to the members of each.
ECPSA has as its main functions to: 
  1. provide political science associations in Europe with a forum for the deliberation of common issues (such as teaching, curricula, research and resourcing, etc.) and a framework for cooperation; 

  1. represent political science as a discipline to the general public, policy-makers and the media;

  1. facilitate the mobility of academics and students across Europe;

  1. share information on the Bologna process and other developments of the higher education landscape in Europe and enhance the interests of political science in those processes;

  1. support democratic political / civic education;

  1. contribute to the development of methods and standards of quality assurance and accreditation;

  1. ensure that decision-makers consider the discipline’s interests in regard to issues of doctoral training, employment qualifications and professional standing, both nationally and across Europe;

  1. disseminate best practice in the management and organisation of academic and professional associations;

  1. develop relations with other political science groups, associations and with cognate disciplines.